Boiled Eggs Avocado Toast: Healthy Breakfast Recipe

This boiled eggs and avocado toast or open-faced sandwich is a delicious and healthy breakfast recipe for everyone. You can use ciabatta, sourdough or fresh bagel. If you keep the eggs in the fridge, make sure you get them out earlier and let them come to the room temperature first. Another tip is to brush some olive oil on your knife before cutting the eggs. Hope you would like this recipe.

2 Delightful Breakfast Bowls: Banana Chocolate Yogurt Bowl and Mixed Berries Yogurt Bowl

These breakfast bowls are delicious, nutritious and easy to make. They are perfect for school days. My son's favourite is the banana chocolate granola yogurt bowl and my little girl prefers the mixed berries granola yogurt bowls. Sometimes I would make small portions as a after school snack or a little treat for the kids. You can be creative to come up your own yogurt bowl recipes.

Korean Street Toast : Delicious Breakfast Sandwich with Cabbage Carrot Ham and Cheese

Many people may have tried the authentic Korean Street Toast. These street breakfast toasts taste nice, but not something that you would cook for your kids because of the excessive amount of sugar and salt. I like the way they cook the vegetables and egg though, so I change the recipe a bit to make it healthier but tastes even better. Great breakfast sandwich for the whole family!

2 Pita Bread Mini Pizza Recipes : Quick and Easy Brunch Recipe

These mini pizzas are really easy to make and very delicious. I use pita bread to be the pizza base, so you could save all the hassles and time from making the pizza dough. It takes less then 15 minutes to cook these crispy and tasty pizzas. I share two different toppings combinations with you. One is salami, cherry tomatoes and basil, another one is pancetta and mushrooms. You could be creative to come up with your own combinations. Kids love these pizzas!

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs on Toast

This week I am showing you how to make perfect poached eggs two ways? These are quick and easy ways that you could do it at home and the eggs are better than many restaurants I would say. I would also show you how to make a quick and delicious poached egg on toast. Great breakfast idea!


English Version Click Here 份量:3~4碗準備時間:10分鐘烹調時間:20 分鐘 食材 900克南瓜一個中等大小的洋蔥兩瓣大蒜三片煙肉或者一把烤麵包塊一杯半有機雞湯或者蔬菜湯一杯清水一湯匙初榨橄欖油和25克無鹽牛油或者三湯匙初榨橄欖油1/3茶匙海鹽1/4 茶匙黑胡椒粉1 湯匙橄欖油或者米糠油用來煎煙肉 烹飪步驟 用湯匙把南瓜瓤和種子挖出來。 把南瓜橫向切大約5厘米的厚塊,然後用刀把瓜片切掉,再把南瓜切成麻將大小的塊。 洋蔥剝皮切大塊。 剝兩瓣大蒜,切碎。 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 把歐芹莖切小段和蒜蓉放一起。 把歐芹的葉子切絲備用。 燒熱平底鍋,加一湯匙米糠油,然後把煙肉放進去,用慢火煎脆。放涼後把煙肉弄碎備用。 燒熱深鍋,放一湯匙橄欖油和25克無鹽牛油,牛油開始起泡就可以把蒜蓉和歐芹莖放進鍋裹。 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 轉慢火,然後把洋蔥也放進鍋裏炒軟。 洋蔥炒軟後,把南瓜塊倒進鍋裏以中火翻炒約三分鐘。加鹽和黑胡椒粉,再拌均。 加一杯半有機雞湯。 再加一杯清水。 蓋上鍋蓋,調大火燒開,然後再調中火燜煮大約10分鐘。 南瓜煮爛了就可以熄火。 用攪拌器把煮熟的南瓜攪成濃稠的湯。現可以嚐一下調味够不够。 把南瓜濃湯乘到碗裏,加幾滴初榨橄欖油、一些歐芹和脆煙肉塊。 這道西式南瓜濃湯配上麵包或者吐司就是簡單又好吃的午餐了。 煮食貼士: 有些人喜歡在南瓜湯裏加奶油,讓湯的口感更幼滑,但是我不太喜歡奶油南瓜湯,因為比較膩,而且南瓜的味道有點被蓋過了。你也可以用胡桃南瓜,口感比較綿蜜,味道没那麼甜。如果用胡桃南瓜,我會加一茶匙原蔗糖。我用的有機雞湯比較濃,所以我習慣加一杯清水去稀釋一下。用新的食材前記得要試味。吃素的朋友可以用蔬菜湯和烤麵包塊來代替雞湯和煙肉。 請看南瓜濃湯的錄影短片