2 Delightful Breakfast Bowls: Banana Chocolate Yogurt Bowl and Mixed Berries Yogurt Bowl

These breakfast bowls are delicious, nutritious and easy to make. They are perfect for school days. My son's favourite is the banana chocolate granola yogurt bowl and my little girl prefers the mixed berries granola yogurt bowls. Sometimes I would make small portions as a after school snack or a little treat for the kids. You can be creative to come up your own yogurt bowl recipes.

Korean Street Toast : Delicious Breakfast Sandwich with Cabbage Carrot Ham and Cheese

Many people may have tried the authentic Korean Street Toast. These street breakfast toasts taste nice, but not something that you would cook for your kids because of the excessive amount of sugar and salt. I like the way they cook the vegetables and egg though, so I change the recipe a bit to make it healthier but tastes even better. Great breakfast sandwich for the whole family!

2 Pita Bread Mini Pizza Recipes : Quick and Easy Brunch Recipe

These mini pizzas are really easy to make and very delicious. I use pita bread to be the pizza base, so you could save all the hassles and time from making the pizza dough. It takes less then 15 minutes to cook these crispy and tasty pizzas. I share two different toppings combinations with you. One is salami, cherry tomatoes and basil, another one is pancetta and mushrooms. You could be creative to come up with your own combinations. Kids love these pizzas!