Cook with Solee

你好,我是Solee — <<我愛煮飯>> 背後的廚師、撰稿人、攝影師和製作人。 我喜歡為丈夫和兩個孩子下廚,一起做飯和吃飯是我們家庭生活的中心。 這些年來纍積了一些很不錯的家庭食譜,希望與大家分享。

  • 我的食譜都很好吃。
  • 大部分的食譜都很容易做。
  • 我盡可能把食譜調整得比較健康,但不犧牲食物的味道。


Hi, I’m Solee. I’m the cook, photographer, copywriter, videographer and producer behind Cook With Solee. I enjoy cooking for my husband and two kids. Cooking and eating together is the centre of our family life. I want to share some of our family recipes with you.

  • My recipes are delicious.
  • Most of my recipes are easy to prepare.
  • I try to make the recipes as healthy as possible without compromise the taste.

Breakfast is the most important meal in a day, but many Hong Kong people tend to skip this meal or grab something randomly on the way to school or work. I would share 50+ breakfast ideas and wish all of you could kick off your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

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