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Grilled Ham Three Cheese Sandwich : Crunchy and Delicious Breakfast Recipe

Halved grilled ham and cheese sandwich on a piece of baking paper

This amazingly crunchy grilled ham and three cheese sandwich is really easy to make. It is the perfect breakfast for a rush winter morning. Make sure you use brown bread with seeds. It makes the sandwich extra crunchy and tasty.

Baked Beans Ham and Cheese Toasties:Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipe (Personal Favourite)

Baked Beans Ham Toasties Recipe

These baked beans and ham toasties are crunchy and tasty. Toasties are so easy to make and delicious, they are great breakfast ideas for students. You could add some chilly flakes or tabasco inside too.

Mushrooms and Cheese Toasties : Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe

Mushroom Toasties Recipe

These crunchy mushroom toasties are tasty. I like to use brown bread with seeds not just because it is healthier, but also gives the toasties more flavour and texture.