Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Recipe


Serves : 1 or 2 serving

Preparation Time : 2 minutes

Cooking Time : 3 minutes


  • 3 large Japanese white eggs
  • pinch of rock salt
  • pinch of freshly grounded black pepper
  • about 25g of unsalted butter
  • a little bit of chopped chives for serving


Crack 3 large eggs in a bowl. I used Japanese white eggs because they taste and look great.

Put a pinch of rock salt inside the bowl.

Then add a pinch of freshly grounded black pepper.

Whisk the eggs with a fork. I prefer whisk the eggs briefly, so it has more texture and looks really nice!

Heat a non-stick pan with medium low heat and add about 25g of unsalted butter inside. When the butter is melted, pour the whisked eggs in the pan.

Don’t move the eggs until it start to settle around the edge.

Use a spatula to move the egg to the middle of the pan passing the centre point to make sure you would not over cook the centre.

Turn off the heat when most egg is set and use the warmth of the pan to cook the rest of the egg. Sprinkle some chive on top and serve straight away.

Scrambled eggs is not supposed to be fully cooked. The eggs should be just set.