Coconut French Toast and Banana Peanut Butter French Toast

2 Ultimate French Toast Recipes

I would like to show you how to make Coconut French Toast and Banana Peanut Butter French Toast. These would be one of the best French toast you have ever had if not the best. They are easy to cook and super delicious!


Serves: 2 servings

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes


Egg Mixture :

  • 1 large egg and 1 large egg yolk
  • 1/2 cup of cooking cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • pinch of ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Toppings & Fillings :

For Coconut French Toast

  • about 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 4 tsp fine shaved coconut
  • maple syrup

For Banana Peanut Butter French Toast

  • about 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter with Chia seeds
  • 1 banana
  • about 1 tbsp of unsalted butter
  • maple syrup


  • 2 tbsp of unsalted butter


First of all, you need to prepare the egg mixture for soaking your toast. I use one large Japanese white egg and one egg yolk. Put them into a large flat plate.

Whisk the egg and egg yolk with a fork before adding other ingredients.

Add 1/2 cup of cooking cream. I like to using cooking cream because it is smooth and creamy but contains a lot less fat than double or single cream.

1/2 tea spoon of ground cinnamon.

And a dash of ground nutmeg.

1/2 tea spoon of pure vanilla extract.

Mix it and set aside.

I use different bread for the two French Toast recipes. I chose a thick baguette with raisins and seeds to make banana peanut butter French Toast. I cut them into thick slices with one side still attached together. It is easier to manage when you soak and cook the toast.

I bought some thick sliced bread for making coconut French Toast. I cut them into half, because it is easier to manage while soaking and cooking.

Spread some peanut butter on the opened baguette. I found a very nice nature peanut butter with Chia seeds in the supermarket near by. You could use other peanut butter of your choice. Peanut butter without added sugar is recommended.

Put some pure coconut oil on the sliced bread. Coconut oil looks like wax in cold weather, but it turns into liquid in the summer.

Sprinkle some finely shaved coconut on top of the sliced bread. Cover with another slice of bread and set aside.

Soak the toast in the egg mixture. Don’t need to soak for long. Just put the toast in and make sure it is covered with the egg mixture evenly on every sides. Then put them in a plate to rest for 5 mins.

You could pour the last bit of egg mixture on top of the toast.

While the toast is resting, peel and cut a banana into about 4 mm thick slices. Use a yellow banana without spots. Heat up a pan and add a knob of butter. Pan fry the banana slices slowly until brown on both sides and set aside.

Add a knob of unsalted butter into the pan, put the toast in. Turn to low heat to brown the toast.

Make sure you brown the side without crust too, so the toast holds its shape better. Coconut oil and shaved coconut won’t hold the two slices of bread together, so use your hand to keep them together when you flip the toast, so the shaved coconut won’t come out.

It takes about 6 mins to brown the toast. Be patient. When your toast looks like this, check it with your finger. There should be a crust on top, but the inside is still soft.

Wipe the pan with kitchen roll before cooking another piece of toast.

Don’t forget to pan fry the sides of the baguette.

Check with your finger when your toast look like this. Again, be patient. Make sure you use low heat to cook the toast slowly, so it is crispy outside and hot inside.

French toast

Serve the peanut butter toast with cooked banana slices on top, then add a knob of unsalted butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Serve the coconut toast with more shaved coconut on top and a knob of coconut oil. Follow with a drizzle of maple syrup. Delicious!

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